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  1. Hello, Im New Here...

    (((Hugs))) I think we are all a little nervious when we start to face our past. But shineing a light on the past is the best way to heal it and move forward. You have taken a brave step to start talking about it. ((((more hugs)))) Liz
  2. Where Are You All From?

    I just moved to NO. VA about 3 - 4 months ago. I came from NJ
  3. Hello Everyone

    Welcome I'm another newbie.
  4. Offical Introduction

    Hi! I am a single mom of a wonderful, bright, happy, glorious four-year-old. She is everything I wish I was and I am doing everything in my power to keep her happy and safe I'm fourty-two years old and just got divorced last week. Yup -- the papers were signed last Monday. Hey, today is me on week anniversary If you go over to read my "offical" story you'll discover this is my second go-round at dealing with this stuff. So I've got myself all sattled up on my horse I'm ready for the ride... I know it can get wild. I work full time and manage a pretty large, high profile department. I'm a little afraid of the effects this jouney is going to have my career. But what kind of career will I have if I really let this stuff beat me? I firmly believe that God hasn't gotten me this far along to let me fail. No, remember what Gene Krantz said as the brave men of Apollo 13 circled the moom with little hope of getting home... FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION! This is my life and gosh darn-it -- FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!!!!