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    Hello, I am new here, just got the approval notice today. I am from Minnesota, USA. I am 23 and identify as female, and into males. My favourite TV shows are Ghost Adventures, A Million Little Things and most importantly Supernatural. I have been dealing with my past for a few years now, but for the first time in forever, I finally feel like I am ready to talk. I am a huge fan of the theatre, I work at a theatre company in St Paul, they just happen to work with people with disabilities. I love it, my lifelong dream came true last month when I made my first paycheck doing theatre. I spent over a year training in DBT and CBT skills, as well as having attended therapy that focuses on that area of training... I hope with the help of this site and the exploration of some in-person support groups near me, that someday I will be able to understand and believe that I am still an amazing person and that what happened was and is never my fault.
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