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    Aurora, they/them please!

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    poetry, languages, classical music, crafts!

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  1. Wow, a week or two turned into a month. I've been really busy and haven't had time and the emotional space to visit AS, but I'm glad to be back and hope that everyone is doing well!

    1. MeBeMary


      Welcome back, poet-survivor.

      I'm sorry you needed a break, but good news is that we are always here to welcome you back. Wishing you less stress and more steps forward.


    2. Finchy


      Nice to hear from you, poet!! ❤️ It's ok! Time can get away from us. I'm sorry though that you've been struggling a bit lately. Hopefully things will settle down for you. We're all here for you whenever you have the time and emotional space. No rush. :hug:

    3. poet-survivor


      Aaah, I ended up taking another long stretch! Thank you guys for all the support and welcome back, even as I dip in and out. ❤️ 

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