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  1. 9monthson

    Therapy Bills

    100 dollars every week come out of my bank account every week . This money does not go towards things like food, transport or treats like lunch or a coffee. I do not even have the money to be spending on top of all that crap, but here I am every week looking in my account and watching as I sink into deeper money problems. Why? because I don't qualify to be funded by any organisation in my home country as my rape happened overseas. When it first happened I was put on a waiting list for 9 months for help in the place it happened despite still being a child as they put me on the wrong system. Aft
  2. 9monthson

    What happened

    @Rey Stromnight lots of hugs to you too!
  3. 9monthson

    What happened

    I don't usually write about what happened as I think part of me thinks that it was still my fault or that the way I am dealing with it is wrong, but I thought if there is anywhere to talk about something like this thats a safe space its here. Also I have no proof read anything this is all just me vomiting out how I feel so I apologise to anyone who reads this. “I can’t find my pants” I think I said or at least tried to. When I saw the light come through the window of a room I didn’t know everything became real. Finally looking from under the covers that I had been hiding under just
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