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  1. Thank you so very much <3 I really appreciate the kind and motivational words of support. I'm getting better slowly but knowing I have a safe place here is such a comfort. I hope you continue to be resilient and strong as well
  2. Thank you so much everyone for the kind words of support. As of two days ago, my boyfriend and I are no longer together. In just a few days it would have been our 6 year anniversary. It was for the best and honestly I think my healing from the rape will be just a little easier now but now I have the breakup in itself to deal with. Could use some hugs if anyone has any.
  3. Hey there,

    I just saw your description and want to say that I really like art and math too. :)

    I've always enjoyed drawing and painting and I've always been good at math (to a point lol)

    Am still new to this place so I apologize if this is awkward in any way. 


    1. Ash9


      It's not awkward at all! I like finding like minded people and saying hi lol.

      I'm sorry you have a reason to be apart of this group,  but I'm glad you found it! It has helped me so much and I hope it helps you too! 

  4. Hi Mary, Thank you so much for your support and making me feel less crazy. I understand what you are saying completely and I agree. I think part of me is still in denial and trying to understand how someone I love and trusted could have done something like that to me. This all came about and hit me just recently so it's been a lot to deal with this past week. This weekend I had my first "trigger incident" and it was really scary. I had never gotten the feeling of intense physical danger so quickly in what I thought was a safe environment. Everything is so new to me so I am glad I have a place like this where I can talk things through.
  5. Thank you I am trying to use the anger as something that will motivate me to educate people on how to interact with survivors. Of course I understand this person was just trying to help but it doesn't make it okay by any means. It's almost like telling someone "oh you look good, did you lose weight?". Just...no. To all the people that told you that it could have been worse you can tell them I say "fuck you" too.
  6. Hello Everyone, This is my first post so here it goes: I was raped a year and a half ago by my boyfriend of now 6 years. At the time I knew he didn't do it on purpose and tried to brush it off as a "misunderstanding". Of course it was extremely upsetting at first but I think I tried to move on by pretending it didn't happen. But recently it hit me out of nowhere and I started to panic. For a few days I've had breakdowns and a hard time reminding myself that this wound isn't fresh even though it feels even worse than it did right after it happened. My boyfriend said he's sorry and that he loves me but I still don't think he doesn't understand fully what I'm going through. One of my friends was trying to comfort me and told me that his fiancee' got raped too but hers was "a little more fucked up" and told me "It's okay - it could have been worse". Which I know is a stupid thing people say to make you feel better but some other part of me wanted to say "fuck you". Sorry for the language.
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