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  1. LonelymanJim

    My Story

    Thank you for your kind and loving words. God bless you my friend.
  2. LonelymanJim

    My Story

    So I thought I'd share my story with everyone, and maybe try to find some healing. First off, let me say I'm a big guy 6'3" 290lbs, I'm 35, I have MS and I've been raped twice in my life... When I was 12, I had a major crush on my brothers girlfriend. She was 23 and oh so beautiful... or so I thought. She and my brother were going out for a relative long time, 10 months, and I thought that she and him would get married, but they didn't. It was common for her to be at my parents home almost all the time, because; that's where my brother was. It was also common that if my brother wante
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