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  1. ~ posting a painting by Rubens at my workdesk. It's a wonderful picture of a naked woman and just the back of a man; it's beautiful. But the women does not fit today's media image of beauty. It has really helped me in my quest to feel beautiful. The painting is here. ~ taking long showers and soaping up with my hands, which meant touching every inch of my body. It made me get to know my body. ~ making myself take a long bubble bath and again cleaning my body with my hands. ~ lotioning up DAILY after the long showers; massaging my feet, calves, hands. ~ working out. That made me feel my body alive, blood pumping, sweating. ~ recognizing and not accepting any bad thoughts about my body. ~ telling myself that I am beautiful inside and out and that nobody can tell me otherwise. ~ getting a manicure, pedicure, waxing done once in a while.
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