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  1. Welcome to both of you! I am new as well and have had a great experience so far in the few days I have been on here.
  2. Thanks guys. It's too bad we are all here, but great that we can lean on each other for the support we need.
  3. Hello and welcome. This site is not easy to navigate at all! I also had to wait a week and a half for approval and I am very confused about passwords for certain forums. Some will automatically let you in after 10 posts. I'm here to listen if you need someone. - J
  4. Am I the only person having difficulty figuring out this site?

  5. It's hard to be labeled - I totally agree, and it seems unfair for the diagnosis as it is the result of something we had no control over. It's unfortunate, but with time and therapy things usually do get better. Has the ptsd affected your day to day? I went through a period of time where I had to quit my job, I couldn't drive, I couldn't be alone and I would wake up every day with a racing heart and I would vomit in the shower.
  6. Hi Anne, I am new here as well and also not entirely sure what to expect. I would have messaged you if I knew how - this site doesn't seem to be that easy to navigate. Anyways I am glad you found this site and are having the strength and courage to talk about things. I am about to start therapy again - I went in my teens and in my late twenties and am needing to go again. I was previously diagnosed with panic disorder and anxiety in 2008 - I am sure most is related to my childhood sexual abuse. When did you get diagnosed with ptsd? -Jay
  7. Hi Everyone, I was a victim of sexual abuse by my oldest brother. I told my parents when I was 13 and after a few rounds of counseling, the abuse was swept under the rug and I was made to pretend that nothing had happened, and that we were a "normal" and happy family. I am now 32 and have recently told my husband of my past abuse as I have been having emotional breakdowns that I really couldn't control. My panic attacks and anxiety have also returned. Would love to chat with others who have similar stories, or anyone needing a shoulder to lean on or cry on. Thanks for listening. - J
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