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  1. Hating the world today

  2. Thank you Josiel. I have never repressed the memories but I have never had peace from them either. I'm working on my story so hopefully it makes sense and I can post it tonight. I have a hard time trusting people so if I don't reach out right away don't take it personally. I'm still unsure of myself and this site so in time I will open up more. I'm just working through all of the anger and I swear I have more issues than Ladies Home Journal lol
  3. Need a nap, will share my story when I get up and get my head together

  4. Thinking too much...

  5. Thanks again everyone. I'm finding this site a bit difficult emotionally right now because everything I read tends to trigger me and I am dealing with some memories that are 40+ years old. My story spans 44 years and it is difficult to condense it into just a few paragraphs and make sense not to mention that sometimes I just can't bring myself to talk about it not just because of the abuse but the aftermath i suffered. I have so much anger.
  6. Thank you both for the warm welcome and I hope we can figure this out soon lol
  7. Yes, in general this is the right place for me but, I'm not sure I'm ready to share anything. I'm married (unfortunately), no kids, a sister and her kids are all I claim as family. I have a few pets and I don't currently work due to a bad accident I suffered a few years ago and a disabled spouse. I am planning to return to school sometime in 2014. That's me in a nutshell. Can someone explain why I have to have a password to view other topics? It took almost a week for someone to validate my membership and now that I'm registered I have to have a password to participate? I'm confused.
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