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  1. I can relate to your indecision about telling your mother. My mother sexually abused me and I have yet to tell my father. I have a history of protecting him in a way. He is up in years and I don't know that it's worth putting him through that knowledge at this point. There are no easy answers, are there? I am glad you are dealing with this stuff at such a young age, though. I am in my fifties and just trying to wade through it all. Good luck to you and hang in there.
  2. Hi. I'm also new here and I have the same fears of doing this as well as hoping I can help others and help myself heal at the same time. Welcome and hope to interact with you here.
  3. Hi. I'm new here and I'm hoping to do some growth by sharing stories with other survivors. I'm not really sure where to start, and I'm a little nervous, but it's necessary for all of us to help each other. So hello and looking forward to meeting people and growing together.
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