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  1. @Elizabeth2point0 no, there are definately not any easy answers but just knowing that im not alone in feeling this way makes me feel a little better. I feel pretty guilty for not telling my mother but I dont want to hurt her and then at the same time I do want to tell her because I think of some pretty terrible things she has done to me (not physically) and I think why should I care if it hurts her because she doesnt know that I know about the things shes done she thinks everything is hunky dory which i guess is my fault. Idk Thanks for the feedback I really appreciate it.
  2. Hi, When I was 11 I was molested by my moms close friend, an older man who was helping us financially as my step dad was an abusive drunk who wouldnt work and my mom had a list of mental problems (bipolar, schitz. etc...) and couldn't hold a job. because of the circumstances I didn't tell anyone and when custody of my brother and I was finally rewarded to my real dad who was stable I still received phone calls and messages through my mom from the man. I had nightmares for a while but still I never told. I'm 22 now I still haven't told anyone even my bf (and bff) of 5 years. I have a very strai
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