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  1. I started putting up Xmas decorations. A wreath on the front door, tinsel wrapped around the porch posts and a jingly door hanger on the inside front door knob. There will be more next month when I get some money.
  2. I got new studs for my cartilage piercings. Two of em in my right ear. I totally feel like a rock goddess right now.
  3. Gave myself permission to freak out after realozing Ive been bit by a black widow.
  4. I put in the nose stud I ordered as an early birthday gift to myself. Played with my new kitten. And got a green chile cheeseburger...and ate the whooooole thing.
  5. Honestly? Gave myself permission to cuss like a sailor when I broke a bone in my foot. Hurt like hell and frankly it felt good to scream like a lunatic.
  6. I got the front rooms tidied up. Probably sounds small but when we were living in the trailor with the roomie it was IMPOSSIBLE to keep anything clean. I take pride in being a housewife,and one of those sources of pride is a clean house. :-)
  7. I told my husband the truth. I told him something Ive been holding back for four years.
  8. I reinstated my nipple piercing-turns out it never closed. I also put on a pretty shirt and really girlied it up today.
  9. You guys are gonna laugh at me...but I whitened my smile today with a home kit. My teeth were severely yellowed from years of smoking and I finally did something about it.
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