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  1. Hello :)

    i no you will find support and care here with us.
  2. New To This Place

    welcome to as sorry you have to be here. but glad youve found us and are looking for support.
  3. Hello From A Newbie!

    hi sorry u have to be here but im glad u found us! we are very loving and supporting.
  4. Charms

    this is great! hope that it will end up in the store
  5. Charms

    i dont know if this is the right place seemed like it?! i was wondering about maybe having charms and charm bracelets in the as store. not sure but would like to know what everybody thinks
  6. Hello,new Here

    its okay you can talk about it when your ready. and im sorry you have to be here like us all but i welcome you! hope you find this site helpful!
  7. to all of my perps : I HATE YOU SORRY FU*KRS!!
  8. New And A Little Nervous

    Hi hope we help!
  9. Hi