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  1. Charlie29


    hi im new to the site. ive been reading through a few different message boards and there is just so much i feel the people understand here. i dont think my friends really understand me and i cant blame them, im not sure myself what im feeling half the time. but i can relate so much to some of the posts, its like my feelings put into words other people can understand. i am so glad i found this website. i just started going to a therapist and i think shes great, but there is a difference between understanding and being taught to understand. im just happy to finally find people who can relate to
  2. thanks guys. im really glad i found this site. i guess u could say i just started the "healing process" and its really great to see all this support. i feel that my friends dont really understand what im going through and how im feeling. its almost a relief to know that there are so many other women out there who have over come sexual abuse, even though i wish it wouldnt happen to anyone. any way im really glad i found this site.
  3. how long will it take to turn from a victim to a survivor? i feel like i have always been a victim and dont know what to do to feel as tho i will overcome this. i dont think its something you can really get over but i want to be able to let it be part of my past so that i can start enjoying life.
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