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  1. To all that abuse- and to mine- How could you be so evil. How could you be so cruel. I saw you laughing looking down at me, as that memory still haunts me today..well do you still laugh about it now.. I'm not a believer in God or Satin...but if I did... I could find peace in knowing someday you'll all suffer forever for what you all did. You never had the right. I hope you all can one day admit to yourselfs what sick evil monsters you are ! you make me wanna puke! to say the least...i hate and wish death to you after a long long life of pain. Lastly there is nothing I could say do or
  2. Thanks everybody for making me feel welcome... Ferga, Thanks for the response.. and Molly as well! I'll be sure to pm you both if I need anything..! Thanks!
  3. Thanks all for your welcomes. I spent awhile yesterday reading around the site. I had a really hard day yesterday and it was slightly made worse by reading other peoples story's. However I didn't exsepct it to be easy. I am not sure if can handle the stress of this site. I'm at a point in my life where what Iv experienced isnt exactly fresh or recent. But then again I don't know. I've herd some people tell me it gets better with time. It's been 6 years since the first bad experience and 3 with the second one. The first I never realized untill after the second one. If that makes any sense...I
  4. Hi all.. I am new to this After Silence website! This is the first time I have ever been on a forum of this subject. I'm currently in therapy but wish to find more help in people who have been through abuse as I have. I wish to find hope and learn that I am not alone in this nightmare I live with most every day. I also wish to help others as well. I'm shy but am going to give this place a try.
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