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    Welcome Jagsfan, I hope you find the help you seek here and may find some peace and healing after your many years of pain soon. Sometimes just knowing that others out there can understand my feelings makes me feel better. Best of luck in your journey.
  2. LaurenD


    Welcome! I hope you find what you are looking for at After Silence. I know that sometimes just being here has helped me through my days, I hope it can for you as well. I am sorry you are feeling scared but I hope this can be a place and time when you don't have to feel those things and can feel safe talking to people that hopefully can share in your thoughts and feelings. Peace and comfort to you.
  3. Welcome to AS Deborah! I'm new as well and look foward to getting to know you! Love, Lauren
  4. Hi Coral! I am brand new here too but I already feel a million times better knowing that I have these wonderful people here to support me. It will be great getting to know you. Love, Lauren
  5. Hey SLG! It was great meeting you. I hope this weekend goes well for you. Hope to talk to you soon! Love, Lauren
  6. Hi everyone. I just found this today and it seems like you guys are really supportive. I'm kind of 'technologically challenged' but maybe I can figure this out. I hope I can learn to come here when I am upset because I'm pretty sure my boyfriend is secretly tired of being my only source of comfort. I hope to get to know you all better.
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