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  1. Welcome Jasmine. I'm an incest survivor, too and I'd say Yes to your question. I'm glad your appt. went well. I hope it will help you to get better on your journey of healing.
  2. Welcome to AS and congratulations on becoming a MT.
  3. Welcome Amy! We all have our strengths and weeknesses, good days and bad days. I'm sure you are stronger than you think. I'm glad you found this board, it has been a great place for me. Sometimes it is too hard for me to come here and read posts, but it is comforting to know it is here. You don't have to post your story if you don't want to. You do what you feel comfortable with. If you just want to read other's posts, that is fine.
  4. Welcome Welcome Please stay. As the others mentioned, there are men here! I hope you will feel comfortable enough to post. Sometimes it really helps to write it out and hit the reply button. I was abused as a child too, by both men and women, so there are those of us here who can relate.
  5. Welcome to AS. I don't have support from family/friends either, and I have found this place to be great. I hope you will too.
  6. Welcome Nea. I'm glad you found this place.
  7. Welcome Sassy! You'll find great support and help here. Glad you found the sight.
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