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  1. Hi Amanda, I am new to this site also, but I wanted to let you know that it wasn't your fault. If ok, big, safe, comforting hugs sweetie.. When you are ready to share your store I'm sure that it will be met with care and comfort. There is no rush hun. Please know that I am here if you want to talk, you can PM me at any time. Take gentle care of yourself and hang in there. Dana
  2. To all, and thanks... It will take me a while to get around and know how everthing works here, but I am here also to help if I can. Being an OLD FART, I have referred to myself as, I hope that some of my experiences can help others to know they are not alone.. My dear sweet friend Deborah..... special to you and thanks for your continued support during a difficult time. Thanks, Dana
  3. I just wanted to indroduce myself... I am a 40 year survivor of CSA and a 34 year survivor of a gang rape. The details of what happened during both, I will write later.. Thanks, Dana
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