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  1. 5 Words To Your Perpetrator

    No one mourns for you. Your life was a wasteland. You could not break me. I could break the cycle. My sis will break free.... 5 x 5... because... We are brave and strong.
  2. Hi

    I do have a question. I know you have a place for family/loved ones of survivors, but who are not survivor's themselves. I don't feel comfy asking for advise there because I have differing issues I'm struggling with, even if some may be similar... and I likely won't say all but I hope to find others that just kinda know. Where would be the place to try to talk to others who may have someone very dear to them struggling as well? I posted in a psychological well being thread, but I feel it really wasn't the right place either. If any know it and can move it to the right place, I'd be grateful. Thank you all for being so kind and welcoming.
  3. Hi

    I'm here because I am an adult survivor of CSA who is struggling to deal with my sister's survival journey. Thanks, Lisa