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  1. Welcome to AS Caleb; I hope you find Healing and support here. best wishes LSH
  2. hi there raingirl i hope you feel welcome and supported here. i look forward to getting to know you LSH
  3. my pc just froze and blurted sorry welcome again LOL
  4. hi TeeTurtle nice to meet you glad you made it here.
  5. arghhhhh don't these idiots get it? i've heard this sh*t before too...from family as well
  6. Welcome back it is a BIG step to face your "stuff" so well done be gentle to yourself and take care; just remember you are not alone safe hugs if ok
  7. Hi Constance and welcome Im glad to meet you safe hugs if ok
  8. welcome here karilynn, please know you have found a soft place to land. you are not alone. safe hugs if ok:bighug:
  9. welcome back honey, safe healing LSH
  10. Welcome lostjane, i hope you find AS to be the soft place to land. take gentle care of you honey. safe hugs if ok LSH
  11. New

    Welcome barney, hope you find some peace here, take care LSH safe hugs if ok
  12. hi little_pink_person, welcome, treat yourself gently-you have endured a terrible thing but here is a soft place to fall safe hugs if ok LSH
  13. Hi Sherry, hope you are feeling welcome here too. take care sweet LSH
  14. Hi there vixen, looking forward to knowing you, welcome LSH
  15. :hi:RLR, hope you have a good night, it can be difficult to retrain the brain to sleep when its the right time and get up on time too. i have a problem with the getting up part a lot!! hope your sleepers give you a gentle rest. if or when you tell your stuff here i think you'll find you will be understood and accepted, best wishes LSH