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  1. Welcome Iris I'm new here for a week or so too. My Medical Dr tried to get me to take antidepressants for grief but I havn't taken any of them. I don't want to. He has tried to get me to take them in the past because he said "I Looked Depressed". I didn't take them then either. He has to give me more than "I Look Depressed". At that time I wasn't all that depressed anyway. He does not know about my abuse issues. I have only told two people, my counselor who I went to for grief counseling and my Pastor who strongly suggested professional counseling at which point I went and found a counselor
  2. Hi Angel I'm new here too. I'm not sure how much I can talk about my issues here either. Maybe someday.
  3. Welcome Skye I'm new here too and I definately understand the too much time on your hands. I'm trying to keep busy but the problem is now I'm getting exhausted. I'm so tired. And then I still find time to think. Hope you find what you need here.
  4. Welcome CrimsonClover I feel the same way. This is the first place I have found that feels like someone might understand.
  5. Hi PrincessJem I'm new here too. I just started counseling about 10 weeks ago. It hasn't been easy but I think in the long run it will be beneficial. It at least gives me someone to talk to about my issues and really that is my only outlet at all at the moment.
  6. Thank You Kelly The day has been better for the most part. I went to a singles event and watched the football game. It wasn't all that fun but it was out of the house and I met some new people. I did go by the cemetery on the way home and that was hard. How was your day?
  7. Welcome Purple Flower I'm new here as well. I have two fur balls myself. I sheltie who is a really big fur ball and who is also blowing his coat right before winter for some strange reason. There are big cotton balls of fur all over the floor constantly. The other is a 5 month old high energy kitten. I had to get up at 3AM the other night and rescue a tiny wren from her mouth after she brought it into the house through the doggy door. Then when I came home from work the next day there was a dead frog in my dining room. I guess she was on a roll that day. I'm survivor of abuse that began w
  8. I finally left work and then went to get my hair cut. I cried all the way there and walked into the salon with red face and red eyes. Then I have to try and explain why I'm upset. I do hope tomorrow is a better day for the both of us.
  9. Hi Pennie_Lynn I'm new here too. I made my first posts yesterday. Mostly I've just been reading lots of postings.
  10. Thank You all for the welcome. You all are so kind. I'm not really sure what I'm looking for. Mostly I think I need someone to talk to right now. I feel so isolated and have very little interaction and I need it so much right now. Today or mostly this afternoon has been kind of hard. Lots of tears. I was walking down the street in downtown to get lunch and couldn't stop the tears no matter how hard I tried. I hate days like this.
  11. Thank You nat Hopefully I will have the required 24 posts soon. But not tonight. My sleep aid is kicking in and morning will come far two quickly. It will be good think to get to work on time. I had 3 days this week that was difficult and the last yesterday I was late enough for the boss to notice. So I must go sleep so I can make an effort to get there early. Goodnight all
  12. I just wanted to post and say Hi to everyone. I am knew here. I've been reading your postings and stories for a few days. It has really been helping. I'm not sure I will ever get brave enough to tell my story here. It is different and I don't think anyone would understand. I dont' even understand it. I will only have an hour so so in the evenings to read and to respond to postings. Possibly more time on the weekends. I really want to be able to do the live chat. RLR
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