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  1. It is great to have so many show support. (It is also good to know there are other Buffy fans out there!) I look forward to sharing. I will read for a little bit, and then maybe share my own story. I've noticed recently that I've been feeling kind of down. I don't know if I'm just tired or if something else is bugging me. I think that sometimes that is the hardest part: not knowing if I am having a regular bad day like anyone else, or if there is something bigger behind it. Anyway, I am glad I finally posted. It is nice to "meet" you all. Deborah
  2. Hello everyone, I registered to this website on Sept 30/07, and then couldn't post. It didn't feel right. I wanted to find a support forum, but then didn't feel right about using it. Over the past months, I have thought about it, but now feel it is the right time. I am in my thirties. I love music and I love to read. I have recently started reading science fiction and fantasy. I find it difficult sometimes to find good authors. I love the kind that reflect the real world. Watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer got me started in that direction. I have a very full life and find it diffic
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