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  1. just wanted to thank all of you for making me feel so welcome, it really looks like a lot of good, kind people use these boards
  2. I'm new here too, so maybe we can work through this together. I don't know what I have to offer you, other than understanding, and the knowledge that some hurts need more than just bandaids. But whatever you need, you may ask it of me. I'm new also. here's hoping we all find some kind of peace here.
  3. hi there everyone. i'm new here, a survivor who's finding things particularly tough after the traumatic birth of my 1st baby (hopefully i'll have more in the future). He's 5 weeks old now and it's really hard. i'll go into that more in another section, i guess. i just wanted to say hello really! am very much looking forward to getting to know you all. x
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