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  1. Thanks so much to everyone who’s posted a response. It’s really heartening to hear other stories of strength and resilience but also saddening to hear when others have let you down. I guess in society most people are not yet equipped/know how best to support and help survivors. Ive taken on board what some of you have said re posting what happened to me socially and have managed to curb this urge for now. I’ve also started some therapy which I’m hoping will abate some of these feelings of being locked in and silent. I hope everyone on here finds love and support for what they are going through. Our voices will be heard one day.
  2. Hi everyone, New to this site and new to acknowledging and processing my assault (4 years ago now- but did a very good job at suppressing it). Quite quickly in my healing journey I am finding this overwhelming urge to tell others what happened to me, but along side this a cognitive dissonance in worrying that others will think less of me, blame me or not believe me and so I shrink back into my shell. I’ve been thinking of ways to just override this such as just posting on my social media to everyone about my story or sitting down with friends and family to tell them, but I also can’t bare the thought of upsetting them with this information. Especially my mother who I know it will upset her greatly to know. Do others also deal with this struggle? How do others manage it? And will telling others make me feel better anyway? Or will that only happen through therapy?
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