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  1. Newbie saying HELLO

    Thank you all very, very much.
  2. Newbie saying HELLO

    Thank you yes my words they are. After many years of failed help (professionally) I found myself within writing. However I'm dyslexic but thanks to websites have found my way around to be able to write, to express and heal within words.
  3. Newbie saying HELLO

    Greetings all, Am here after breaking shackle and chains. Looking forward without stepping back, Though... I stumble and fall to the sounds of the clinking past. A survivor at battle of now... my own mentally. I'm actually too good at talking because I seem to spew way too much information about myself, my struggles, the pain and hurt just takes over. (learning to not share soo much) even though I feel it helps me with the healing process it can however open one up to become vulnerable. (learned the hard way about that) OK here goes... I'm RayaHope here to seek a safe place to express, unleash and hopefully get some understanding to the new me I've become.