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  1. Been so angry all day. And mostly at myself. I get up the courage to do something and then I break down in the middle of it and then feel stupid and worthless. Gonna try and calm down and hopefully sleep but 5 hours seems to be it. But I guess it's better than nothing.

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    2. Angelonia


      I hope you got some rest, Ghost of me, and things look a little brighter today. 

    3. Ghost of me

      Ghost of me

      @Kmkz thanks so much. I'm trying but it's hard. Im just trying to get through each day and I keep telling myself I'm important and that I matter. It's hard to believe here lately tho. I'm glad I have AS. Theres no judgement here.

    4. Ghost of me

      Ghost of me

      @Fairlis I did but only around 5 hours (off and on) but that's because I'm really tired I know. I do feel a little rested today tho. It would be nice to sleep without nightmares. I'd gotten to the point where I could. 

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