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  1. Just a poem I did to cope


    Why I am still suffocating?

    Holding on to a rope that's hanging by a thread

    Living but not alive

    It's so hard to let go when you feel so alone

    Eyes dried and dead

    Missing the old days that were murdered

    My heart rotting away

    Do you want to know that it doesn't hurt anymore?

    Dancing with the devil

    My skin cut but no blood falls from within

    Nothing more to say

    The wind blows and I feel in coming in the air

    The worlds collide

    Day by day by soul becomes thinner and colder

    I feel nothing anymore

    Step by step I fade away

    Bringing my only friend 

    A head full of pain

    A heart full of shame

    A hand full of broken promises

    Take it all away

    Away from me

    Before step by step, I fade, I fade away




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