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  1. Hi all, I amfour years post my rape and thankfully divorces from my abuser. I have so much to be thankful for, and I also feel that sometimes I am still in the control cycle with my ex. Unfortunately my ex husband does use parenting time as a mechanism of abuse and control. For example: he shows up at school events unannounced, or pushes the boundaries with parenting time always to manipulate the kids away from me. When I say no he doesn’t hear me or care. Does anyone have suggestions on coping with coparenting with your abuser? It’s trigger enough just to see him, I’ve worked thro
  2. Hi my friend: i was a victim of marital rape. Yes it does happen in our home, where we should be safe. Some things that helped me: 1. I rearranged the furniture in that room, new paint etc. 2. On my bad days, I deliberately avoid that space. ( avoidance isn’t recommended but I’m human not a psychiatrist). 3. Tea, so much tea. When I start to feel really stressed or PTSD kicks in, I drink my favorite tea. It’s soothing, I breathe deeply the good smell and then I get up: this is the important part move, go for a walk, reset your senses. You are not tra
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