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  1. I started having flash backs about 10 years ago but blocked them out and told no one. but April 26,2018 was the day the movie of my life turned on in my head. I had gone to my little sisters to help her as requested by my father. It all came back when my sister started drinking and came unglued and I lost it. Called my husband and got in my car and left in the middle of the night to make the 800 mile trip home. My son got on the phone and talked me through getting on the freeway and headed home. I made it 2 hours and to a hotel. that is where I stayed trying to decide if it was worth living. I am alive. I made it home. And now I need to heal the best I can. My trauma has done harm to my Husband and my children. Until now I just did not know how much. Its time to tell my truth. The abusers be damned!
  2. Hello, I am new to this site. I am a survivor of a life time physical, mental, emotional and sexual abuse and Rape. I had told no one until spring of 2018. I did not ever think I would survive this long. I come from Small town America. Where I grew up in a time that you did not speak of what went on inside the family. Where you don't talk about abuse of any kind. I locked everything in a box in my head where I did not go and allowed no one in. I tried to tell a family member for the first time. It did not go well. I have been isolated from my family by the person I told. I have not been able to find counseling in my town where its cash and carry. Then I found this forum. I hope to find the courage to tell the whole story for the first time. I hope for healing and the ability to forgive those who hurt me and forgive myself for allowing it. And for allowing my trauma to hurt those I love most in this world. Thank You for giving me this place to tell what no one wants to hear.
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