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  1. Thank you guys. It makes me feel better.
  2. It is. Just finding out that I am not the only one who is doing the same things that I am, is helping me and being able to talk about it without having to worry if my husband is going to kill him or not. I told him one part and he grabbed his keys and started out the door but I stopped him. I told him the vet would just deny it and he told me that he would be denying it laying in his own blood. I never told my husband that the vet raped me but he has came to his own idea about that.
  3. This is my husband and I on our wedding day. Monday we will be married 2 years. In November we will be together 3 years. We have been through some rough times but we are always there to support each other. When i am having an mental problem from my abuse, he is my rock. The one that I can count on being there when I need him. He is really protective of me. He wants to call my dad out for not protecting me from the abuse.
  4. Eric is my buddy. He goes everywhere I go except work because some people I work with has severe allergies. When I got him, he showed it naturally so I went through the classes to have him certified as a service dog. My husband helped me train him for different situations. I am type 2 diabetic but my blood sugar is always low. So I am hypoglycemic. My blood sugar can always drop so I carry something sweet with me at all times. I am also insulin resistant so if I ever had to take insulin, my body would not use it.
  5. The snake was a package deal when I married my husband. He had got her before he met me. She is a 6ft albino corn snake. She is a sweetheart. As for the dogs, we have a pit, zeus, a red heeler, Eric, a beagle mix, Sandy, and a chow mix, sassy. The weeler is my PTSD and diabetic service dog. When i have a flashback, Eric is the only thing that will bring me out of it. I have type 2 diabetes but am hypoglycemic. Eric can tell if my blood sugar is getting low and guide me to sit down . The goats were a gift from my husband. On our one year anniversary, we went out and found the goat I
  6. Hello My name is Michelle. I am a survivor of sexual assult and rape over a long period of time. I am married with no children unless you count 4 legged kids. We have 4 dogs, 3 cats, a snake, and 2 goats. I love animals of any kind. I love to lay on the couch with my husband and watch tv.
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