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  1. welcome i hope you find that this place helps you there are a lot of great people that understand where your comeing from. life kinda hit me a while ago so i havent been on a whole lot recently but iv realized how much it helped when i was on here so i plan to be back on more often if you need someone to talk to u can message me any time
  2. welcome to AS hope you find what your looking for if u have any questions dont be afraid to ask!
  3. hi my name is julia i just joined this site recently and dont really know how to use it that well im 17 a year ago i was sexualy assaulted when i was 16, a year ago i was almost raped that night but i got away and just got done with a realy bad court case about it he was my best friends father and he raped 2 of my other friends. he got away with it. and everyday i cant stand it. it bothers me so much sometimes i just want to lie down and die id rather do that then ever see his face again to this day i have a hard time tellin the whole story it was hardest in court in front of so many people that i didnt even know the first names of. it kills me that he got away with it i dont know how people could let someone so bad get away with something like that. i know it might be wrong to think this way but sometimes i think it would have been better if i just layed there and didnt get away because maybe he would be in jail and not free he got away because my other 2 friends waited to long to say anything and there was no evadence. and i would have let it happen to me then there would have been evadence and he wouldnt be free right now. it makes me so mad why? why? why? i ask my self all the time why did he get away? will he ever get what he desreves? becaouse it seems like he never will. im just so lost right now and feeling like no one around me understands thats why i joined this site because i figured i might beable to get some help from ppl that know what im going thorough. but like i said im new and im looking to talk to people so if anyone is intrested in talking about anything write me back or my AIM SN is Jewels3946
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