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  1. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

    Hi, I am new here. Hello All! I need to know from others if you have symptoms of PTSD? I only have it when getting close to an intimate partner. and it comes on a few hours after leaving them. I have a new boyfriend whom I love very much, he is kind and good to me but I feel so bad and awful a few hours after I leave him. I am so confused and upset about this. I broke up with him over this and now I am upset with myself because I love him and want to be with him but it is so painful to be with him...I am seeing a therapist, we did EMDR in the past and we are doing it again but I feel wary that it will ever work because it didn't work yet . I have been an antidepressants too but they didn't do the trick either. What do you suggest? I am an addict in recovery so do not want to take ativan or any of those drugs. any suggestions? Becky