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  1. Welcome to AS, Sierra! I'm new here, too, and so far have found very supportive and caring people. Good luck on your healing journeyl You will heal!
  2. Welcome! I'm new here too, but my abuse was 40+ years ago. It's so good that you are faciing it now rather than waiting for years like I did. I'm so sorry for what you have gone through. This seems like a very supportive place and I'm sure you will find some help here. We can get through this together.
  3. Hi Corry, Glad you're here. The fact that you have accomplished so much despite all you have been through is testimony to your strong will to heal and succeed. I also like your comment about the abuse not defining you. You are definitely not alone. AS seems very supportive, and it's a safe way to share and find the understanding we all need. Kudos to your successes so far and here's to a peaceful journey to come. Connie
  4. Here's hoping that empty feeling will soon be filled with friendship and support! Namaste, Connie
  5. I love your user name! Glad you're here, too!
  6. That dark place can be so scary. I wish you the best in coping with it and learning how to chase that dark place away and move into the light. It's a hard road but the support here seems wonderful. We will get through the dark times! Connie
  7. Hello! I'm glad you decided to share. I'm new here, too, and I already feel welcome and believe I made the right choice to come here. It sounds like your boyfriend is supportive, so I hope your relationship works out well. I am 54 and my abuse happened from ages 6 to 13. It came back to haunt me in my 30s because I never dealt with it when I was young; I suppose I really didn't know how, and by the time I was your age, I had become good at blocking it out and pretending it never happened. I'm so glad you are dealing with it now. It is really hard, but the sooner you face it, the better.
  8. I was nervous too, but it was either this or going to a support group in person, which gave me even more anxiety. The anonymity afforded here made me less nervous but I decided to just jump in and give it a try. I'm so glad you did, too! I hope you find what you are looking for and that you get the support and help you need! Take care, Connie
  9. Thank you for th-e kind replies. I haven't read the book you cite, Minerba, but I definitely plan on checking it out. I haven't been able to identify a trigger yet. It seems random. Some nights I have a repeat of the nightmares that used to haunt me. That starts the anxiety again, when I wake up from those. My best coping strategy is writing. I have written several poems (and in fact am trying to get a chapbook published currently). I also do some meditation and I enjoy music and video games (my partner laughs about that one, because they stress her out when she can't win the levels LO
  10. Hello, My name is Connie and I am an adult survivor of CSA. I'm 54 and live in Michigan. I have two dogs and a cat, and am blessed to have a wonderful partner who is loving and supportive. I went through 8 years of therapy in my 30s and thought I was "healed" but in the last five years or so, the memories are returning too vividly. I am glad to have a place to express myself, be supported, and hopefully to be supportive to others as well. I love to help people so I feel this will be a win-win situation. Thank you for having me! Connie
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