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  1. Welcome! I'm probably not the best to help in this situation, as I was not a victim of CSA - just SA - but I do have listening ears. I'm sorry that it happened to you I will be honest - I'm still very fresh on my SA and my emotions are all over the place again right now ... and I'm busy with my kiddos during the day, so my chances of getting on are slim/iffy some days. There are some great resources on here - so make sure you browse around to see what you can find
  2. I hear you on the usually the one who others talk to ... I'm in the same boat ... I'm not quick to sweep mine under the carpet because mine is a little too fresh for that, but I hear you on the closer to the surface than you'd like ... me too. I haven't taken legal action yet as well, but I do still have a long time I can report (fear for the safety of my family unfortunately) ... and Hello! The Share Your Story forum will open up once you've posted 10 times ... otherwise I believe you can contact a moderator to help you get access, but I don't know about that for sure as I'm new as well! I
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