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  1. Maybe that is it. But since I made a mark by remember me (although I share this PC with my son). It works
  2. Does someone else also have Troubles with signing in? Now I had to do it 4 times until it worked. What do I wrong?
  3. Hi Josie thanks for the welcome. I'm finally also in therapy by someone that has experiences with Trauma and ptsd. The first few years I was by someone that had no clue, and it took me several years til I was able to went away from her. To the cancer.. I recovered ... but I've stil to take meds. that it won't come back and I've to see an oncologist every few months. But hey I'm alive. And I'm glad you too. silenttears5
  4. Paula, thanks for the welcome. I sometimes have troubles to figure out how this messageboard ist working.. can I reply to an answer or only to the Topic?
  5. Hi Avalanche Welcome to this place. I'm new here too. (and also a survivor of CSA). I hope you will find help here.
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm not used to use this Forum (post, reply etc.). I've to figure out how everything is working. For me the pstd is manageable most of the time (with meds and therapy). But recently the symptoms have increased again. Especially the sleeping disorder is bothering me.
  7. Hi everyone I’m new here, and I want to try to introduce myself. Well, I’m from Switzerland Europe, English is not my mothertongue, please be patient with me and my spelling. I’m 46 years old, divorced and have a 12 year old son. As mother I feel often as a failure (because my son had to life 3 years in an orphanage). Additional to my bad experience in the past, 3 years ago I had cancer (2 OP, chemotherapy and radiologytherapy). I’m suffering complex ptsd. I’m in therapy for 14 years now. I still have not told her the details from my story –we „try to start with them“ in march. Momentanly I’ve a therapy-break. My psychiatrist told me to search a forum. So I did and found this place. I hope that I can also help and encourage others to continue on the long way of healing. Silenttears5
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