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  1. i met a lovely young woman here that i was able to tell my story to. she was only the second person i've told, ever. it actually was easy than i thought to talk about it, but when it came time to discuss what happened to me afterwards, what i did to myself afterwards, i almost broke down and cried. i couldn't tell her, no matter how much i wanted to. i've only told one person, and only because i know he won't judge me no matter what. it'll come in time, i know, and i'll be able to share it with all of you.
  2. You had better believe it with all that has happened in my life, all the bad things that have plagued me, i can always look at her and feel lucky
  3. Thanks everyone. i've only told one person my whole story, and he has been helping me with it for a long time. it is just hard to talk about it to someone else. i know whatever i tell him will be locked away. he'll never tell anyone what i tell him and he never thinks any less of me for it. i just get worried that other people won't be the same way
  4. i think i'll like it here. i've opened the reply box to tell my story, but i just cant get started. i get really nervous for some reason
  5. except when they're playing their music too loud or stealing your computer time :punch:
  6. hi everyone. my name is Mary, but you can call me Zorf. i'm 24 with a seven year old daughter who turns eight next week. i've just recently begun to talk about what happened to me, and this is one of the sites that i picked. it's nice to meet all of you
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