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  1. Hi. Im alive. Wow, its bright out here. The air is sweet and full of spring. Ive sprung outta the darkness to a life Ive always wanted. Do i cry . No, not anymore. Cant let my eyes fill with tears cause i would definitly not be able to see. (Kinda makes things a bit blurry). Ive been doing this my whole life it a nutshell..................... ya ,,,,,, DUHHH , cant belive my family has brainwashed me my whole life. Anyways, a little bit about me,, family comes later. Im more important here. Im pretty quiet. Im a bad speller, i have thick glasses and a slurred speach wich i go to speach classes for. My hair is long and i have crooked teeth. They say i have a learning disabilty. I get teased everyday and beat up cause i have only one arm on my glasses cause my mother is with an alcoholic heroin user and cant afford the good things in life for her kids cause she was abused and thinks its ok to let her husband do the same things to her kids. But of course my mother loves me. Im 27 now and realize when family hurt me ,,its not because they love me and want the best for me. They only want the best for them selfs. I dont feel sorry for people that hurt people just cause they were hurt. I was hurt and i treat people with respect. Im 2 nice when it comes to that stuff. Anyways, im going thru a crisis and need help, answers, strength, experience, and hope. I dont want people in my life to tell me to keep it in the past and forget about it, dont bring this up now outta the blue, ouch your hurting me cause of what you been thru, why do you have top bring this up , hes paid for what hes done, why confront him now????????. I now have short hair and somewhat straight teeth, and my glasses have 2 arms instead of one. My learning disability was my family and bad spelling dosent meen im stoopid. Im happy and greatful that there is this place I can come to when I need answers. Im hoping to find some freinds out here and people who i can trust. My girlfreind said this to me the other day. " who said you cant pick your family was wrong". I look forward to hearing from you.
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