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  1. Hey

    Hi... Feel free to take all the time you need getting to know your way around here at AS. Welcome... fadingfootprints
  2. Re-Introducing Myself

    Nice meeting you, Lissa! I do not have a blog, but I journal frequently. Although getting my thoughts onto paper has been most helpful, there are times I need to actually talk with the few people I trust. I hope you will find healing here. I am here if you need to talk. Have a blessed day, fadingfootprints
  3. Looking Forward To Continuing My Journey...

    Thanks, tangles...I'm glad to be back.
  4. Looking Forward To Continuing My Journey...

    Thank you... Nice meeting you, 10yearssilence.
  5. New Here

    Hi, Cocoa... There is healing in numbers, and we all share a common thread. I'm sorry for what brought you here, but I'm thankful you reached out for help. fadingfootprints
  6. Newbie, Hi Everyone~

    Welcome to AS! I was on here before the system went down, but I had not found the strength to share my story at that time. Wavypinkblinds and Bleedingrose68, I hope you find healing here. fadingfootprints
  7. Good afternoon, I was a member here at AS before the system went down, so I would like to say hello to those on here at that time as well as all new members! I hope to be an inspiration to the members here, and I take comfort in knowing how kind and supportive everyone is. Have a blessed day, fadingfootprints