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  1. Heya Welcome. I'm sorry for what brought you here but glad you feel you have somewhere to turn. Seeing a psychologist is a very personal decision. As for telling your parents, you'll have to check what the confidentiality requirements etc are like in your country. Probably depends how old you are and what the basis for the psychology program is But explore AS and post on some of the other forums and I'm sure you'll get good feedback
  2. I've only just seen this thread but I need to say this somewhere. I hate little M. I'm terrified of her. I think she has a power over me that I don't really understand. I have dreams where she'll kill me just to keep the silence. She knows more than I do but she won't tell me any of it. I want to know about my past and she won't tell me. I really really hate her. I feel bad for saying that but I can't deny that it's true. I'm scared of her and I hate her.
  3. I was a member. I'm kind of glad my posts were wiped; I feel like I'm starting fresh. Even though I don't like that I'm one of the people that needs a place like this; I'm glad it's here
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