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  1. A Little Nervous, A Lot New

  2. So I'm New..

  3. Taking The Leap...

    Thanks angelgirl. Everyone has been great so far!
  4. Maybe This Too Much Too?

    I know how you feel, feeling like you are responsible because you feel like you could've stopped it. As someone who is dealing with the same feelings, I'm not sure that I can say anything to change the way you feel: it's one of the biggest things I'm dealing with too. But the people here are incredibly supportive, and getting everything off of your chest here, if you get to a point where you're ready to do so, will give you a way to get support without the pressure of sitting face to face with someone and worrying about their reaction. When I first found this place several months ago, I honestly believed that I shouldn't be here. It took me months to even introduce myself. But, even after explaining my situation (which I thought would lead people to agree with me), they have reassured me that the situation didn't matter, that it still wasn't my fault. It's going to be a process, trying to get to a point where I can accept that, but knowing that they don't judge me for getting into the situation (like I thought they would) has been a major first step. So, no worries. Read around for a few weeks if it makes you feel more comfortable or if you are looking for more information. This board isn't going anywhere. It'll be here whenever you're ready for it.
  5. Taking The Leap...

    Thanks nemmie and loTus
  6. Taking The Leap...

    Thanks guys. This forum always seemed really welcoming, so I'm thinking of starting to share my story for the first time.
  7. Hi

    Hi. I definitely know the feeling about posting on the facebook page. I was worried it would show up on my feed so I erred on the side of caution and stuck to the forum.
  8. Taking The Leap...

    I have to say that I sat here for over half an hour debating on whether to post this or not, but I'm hoping that getting things off of my chest here will do me some good. I'm a writing student and, as part of my thesis, I started to write a story based off of my experience. It's been incredibly nerve-wracking (unsurprisingly), so I'm thinking that coming out of lurkerdom here will help me tackle the issues and questions that I still have about what really happened to me....