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  1. Of course you belong here and I'm sorry for what you went through. Any invasion of your body that you didn't want can be very traumatising and the emotional effects can really take their toll. You are strong, you are slaying dragons and facing giants. Thank you for joining our community and you are very welcome here. This site is a great support network to use as you begin to process what happened to you. We are all here for you and you can talk to me any time Lovely to meet you, hugs if ok
  2. Hey everyone, I've just found this website & I think its already helping. Although, i'm not very good at using forums, hope this post turns out okay. I'm 15 years old and what happened to me happened when I was 13 & now I'm getting older i'm having more trouble with it, hoping to find help here. So, this was just a quick hello. Thanks for reading.
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