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    I'm a writer. I love to read almost anything. And i paint and sketch on the side :)

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  1. Hey I wanted to let you know that there wasn't any evidence except for my word in my case against my grandfather. I won the case though, just by the details off my memories. He is serving four life sentences and 125 yrs in prison without the chance of bail b/c of my case I hope you follow your heart no matter what you choose to do about what happened to you. You deserve to own your future no matter what you choose
  2. I wouldn't go to the doctor for the longest time as a teen because I thought Someone could tell if I had been. Like if there were scars or whatever. When i reported I had to go, but the Dr. I went to was amazingly kind. I still don't know if I can have kids, an I know there is a test, but I too am so scared to find out what might have also been stolen from me. I've lost so much, but that would be a final deadly straw for me.
  3. I don't know if I can have kids either because of the things that happened to me. Of everything I have had to deal with that hurts the most.
  4. I reported the rape and incest from my grandfather from the ages of 5 to 16 in 2008. I was 20 and he was finally convicted and sentenced in December of 2009 to three life terms and 125 yrs in prison. The trial was hell but I don't regret it. I saved my little cousins life and got two of my other cousins back who had been hiding because the same things had happened to them. Though none of them where abused to the level I was.
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