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  1. It is too late to get the 4 little ones back. I could not get my mental health in control so I lost them. I had appeals but felt it was better to let go and allow them to move on with their lives. I wanted them but I wanted what was best for them and at that time it was best for them to be adopted out then for me to keep fighting and losing in the courts and letting them be in limbo not being able to settle down and stabilize their own lives. that was the least i could do i guess. i want them to have better than what i had and what i could provide. though i love them dearly that was what i had
  2. I am 30 year old mother of 3 boys and 2 girls. I have lost all but the oldest to the sytems for my mental health issues stemming mostly from childhood abuse. I am in the process of regaining full rights to my 15 year old who has never been in the system and has lived with my mom since he was born. He has lived with my brother for a bit over a year before moving in with me back in September 2009. Things are going well but we are learning to live again. I am here to get my voice about my childhood out there and gain support from others who know what i have lived with. I have not done much regard
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