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  1. When i initially disclosed i called SARC's helpline. They were really slow, but got there in the end after i had to go home knowing that i had told someone. I waited nearly three weeks to see a counsellor, but the person i got was really good, and almost worth the wait. I have since moved to Victoria and SARC referred me to CASA and i guess i have mixed reviews about them. Also a long waiting period. It seems there is always a lot of waiting.
  2. kema

    Hi All.

    Thanks guys, you really made me feel welcome.
  3. kema

    Hi All.

    Hi all, I am also new to this site, which i came across after a restless night. I am 26 years old and from Australia. I have never actually seen a site before that has been ran so well and still functioning. Well done to all those involved in making that possible. I look forward to getting to know most around the forums. Katie
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