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  1. oceanlvr


    Thank you everyone so much for the warm welcome. oceanlvr
  2. oceanlvr


    I am new as well and to be honest pretty scared. I am just starting my recovery journey and have told no one except my therapist what has happened. I did not remember much until the past couple of months and I really wish I never remembered. oceanlvr
  3. oceanlvr


    I am new as well and really scared. I have not told anyone other then my therapist the things that have happened to me. I am just now remembering a lot of it and to be honest I wish I never remembered. oceanlvr
  4. oceanlvr


    Hi I am new here. I am just beginning my journey of recovery and I am glad I found some place where others can relate and share their experience, strength and hope. Not sure what else to say. Oceanluv
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