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  1. Newbie From Sydney Australia

    Sorry to hear what you went through with your uncle... The fact it happened with family, that's terrible. :!: I'm glad that you came forward eventually.
  2. Newbie From Sydney Australia

    Thanks for the welcome midnight, kitty, gola and dopey!!!!
  3. Newbie From Sydney Australia

    I'm sorry for you guys have gone through. I cannot believe how many people are out there who have gone through, rape, sexual assault and abuse. It's so much to comprehend.
  4. Newbie From Sydney Australia

    Hi everyone, I hope you are all well? My name's Lisa and I'm 23 years old. I'm still in a state of shock, I think. I was sexually assaulted last night on the way home from the train station by a stranger. So far at this point, I haven't cried... is this normal? I've pretty much felt quite numb. I still can't believe what's happened. It feels really surreal. Because I feel I didn't stand up for myself enough, I wasn't going to call the police when I got home but when my mum got home and I told her the whole story, she opened my eyes and I realised that calling the police needed to be done. I realise what he (the stranger) did was wrong, he knew I wasn't happy about it, but it never really dawned on me (or did it register in my mind) he sexually assaulted me. I only went along with him because I was scared of provoking him. My friends and my mum have said to me that I shouldn't feel stupid or silly. These things just happen, I guess. I'm happy to be here. I'm looking forward to chatting with you all.