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  1. Welcome to AS! i'm not a CSA survivor but from what i gather, i am SO proud of you for getting out of your situation and DO NOT blame yourself for not getting out sooner. YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON and this is such a great place for you to be!
  2. welcome trish! :hug: that's great that you're already familiar with forums. you'll be WAY ahead of me when i started earlier this week! Hope you find courage and strength here! i did. Best, Ceege p.s. i would say write with any questions but maybe i should ask you, LOL let me know if you want to talk. we are all here for you.
  3. I'm so glad you're here... rushing off to read your story and comment there! you will LOVE all of the support you get here! :friends2: :friends2:
  4. YAY! we're glad you found AS too! this place can get sorta confusing so ask questions whenever you want. let me know if there's anything i can do. it's wonderful here! :tealribbon: :purpleribbon: :purpleribbon: :tealribbon:
  5. I tell you what, hang around and make friends and i think you will want to be here. there's no pressure to start talking. remember you are loved and supported no matter what.... even if you just want to talk about the weather! the PM they are talking about is private messaging. you can send a private message through anyone's profile. if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. we are all here for each other! DON'T feel pressured. that's most important. We are glad you're here! write me anytime you want! :purpleribbon: :friends2:
  6. AmyLyn is right, you are NOT alone. go to the lighter forums if you want a pick me up or maybe say hi to other new people and encourage them. I just joined yesterday and i have felt really good sending messages of encouragement to those who really need it. look for the *T* or to maybe avoid the triggers if you're not ready. I didn't understand what everyone meant by trigger till it happened to me while reading someone's story and i remembered something that had happened that morning 9 days ago. You Rock and let me know if there is anything I can help with! ceege
  7. SO glad you're here! :tealribbon: :tealribbon:
  8. thank you paula, kaylee, amylyn, silenced(no more:), lacrymosa, piccola, littlelost (sounds like my brain), and probably! I'm finding my way around and had a good ranting vent session earlier too. it is SO early on and i've only really been dealing with it since getting back home from a trip (that i left for 2 hours after the SA) which was only last thursday. so in the way of dealing, i'm really only on day 6! it's crazy, and i try to tell the cops (that i'm part of and work with) how amazing the rollercoaster ride of emotions is. i think they're learning alot from me going nuts! LOL
  9. Hi, I was sexually battered last sunday by a neighbor. i'm here to get out emotions that no one else will understand who hasn't been there. i hope it will be a great place to find understanding. thanks! ceege
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