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  1. you are not alone, we are here for you. welcome to AS!
  2. hi there. i can honestly say i have never watched star wars, but i would like to, and i am glad you found us and i hope you feel welcome!
  3. hi hannah, we share the same first name! i am also a survivor, and if you ever need anything this is the place for support! glad you stumbled upon it!
  4. hello there! i hope you find AS as helpful as i have! i love these guys! welcome
  5. hey there! welcome to AS! i am sorry what happened to you, but glad you are here!
  6. so i joined in march, but i have never posted. so here i am, the first time posting... i am pretty nervous to be here. i have been abused since i was a young girl and now i am learning who i am, without being under the control of a man.
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