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Coffee Alicorn

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    My past is not today!

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    Traveling with Judai and Pharaoh the cat
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    Anime, books, coffee, music, nerdy stuff

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About Me

"What is life? Is it nothing more than the endless search for a cutie mark? And what is a cutie mark? Is it nothing more than a constant reminder that we're all only one bugbear attack away from oblivion?" ~Gummy (MLP: FiM/ep#100 "Slice of Life)

I am somepony who is mystery wrapped inside an enigma who enjoys anime, Disney, music, books and.other fun nerdy stuff. 

Personality wise I'm similar to that of Jaden Yuki in the 4th series of YGO GX. I stay to myself, hold my feelings in, and quietly ponder life. 

I have ptsd and depression as the result of some traumatic experiences I suffered recently and as a teenager. 

If.you want to.know more. Just ask me. 



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