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  1. Thanks to you all for your warm welcome. I'm just finding my way around, but it helps to know this is such a supportive community. Debs
  2. Thanks mythses For some reason though I can't open that link, but thanks for trying
  3. I did a quick search but nothing came up. Is there a thread on here about repressed memories? I'm struggling to understand how I can have been in denial for so long.
  4. Hi Fival Sad to know you're in the same boat, but seems neither of us are alone..... Though we feel it.
  5. Hi all So glad to have found this site as I've hit a brick wall in terms of finding support, and I'm not coping well AT ALL! I repressed my memories of childhood abuse for years, until four months ago. It's been a hellish four months, I feel no further forward, completely alone, and no idea what to do next. Can anyone help please?
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